Data Retention Policy

Data Retention Policy
Last Updated on: 24th May 2018


This data retention policy relates to AllGroove’s User Data. This includes User Data generated from any of their websites or affiliate programmes where a User has signed up to receive communications from AllGroove (or its brands).

Whilst opt-out functionality exists on all communications, AllGroove still want to ensure that its Userbase does not receive communications that are no longer relevant or of interest to them.


In order to gauge interest from its Userbase, AllGroove monitor the recency of Users’ engagements with email communications. This includes opening and clicking on emails.

Whilst at the time of writing, there does not exist any functionality to monitor SMS messages in this way, as and when the technology improves, the same Retention Policy will apply.

Retention Timeframes
From original signup to suppression (B2C) 6 months
From most recent engagement to suppression (B2C) 6 months
From original signup to suppression (B2B) 12 months
From most recent engagement to suppression (B2C) 12 months

For example, if Joe Bloggs signs up to receive email communications on 1 January, and then hasn’t opened any emails between then and 1 July, the email platform will suppress the user from further communications.

The same would apply if Joe Bloggs most recently opened an email on 1 January but didn’t open another one for 6 months his record would be suppressed.

Suppression Retention

The suppressed records will remain on the suppression file indefinitely to ensure that the user does not receive any further communications from AllGroove.

The records will be deleted and destroyed by the Email Platform when AllGroove terminates its usage of it.


If a User opts back in to receiving AllGroove email communications, this action will write the user back to the Userbase, and they will be communicated to again in accordance with this policy.